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My entrepreneurial journey continues

by Tammy
Stay tuned ladies......this site is currently undergoing a face lift. It will b
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on Sep 12 in Uncategorized

What a wild ride it's been these past 2 years....

As I begin to build my new blog from scratch I think back on all that's transpired over the past two years. From the startup and sale of aMomEntrepreneur, the NOT hosting Single Rose Angel Assistance Program for the first time in 14 years, the death of the printed version of Kennedale News, and the twitter tools Who Twarted and Who Follows Us and all the projects in between.

Women Web SolutionsGoing forward, I plan to fill this new site with tools and resources for myself & other internet mom entrepreneurs. Incorporating the use Women Web Solutions, Simple Sell data collecting, Paypal integrated, form building software is high on my priority list. I suggest you consider it also if you have or will have need for feedback forms, registration forms, employment application forms, product pages, etc - as you can quickly & easily build these with no programming knowledge.  If you want to schedule a private demonstration let me know, it can easily be arranged.  I also have some videos on youtube demo-ing the software.

Oh and if you're wondering - since I've migrated away from Ning; this site is being built with Joomla & Jomsocial and we recently added EasyBlog for the blogging component.

I'm asking you to bear with me during this growth period.  If you see something that doesn't work or isn't fully explained just post me a note.  Please feel free to suggest new forum categories, create your own groups, upload photos & videos and basically just toot your own horn.

One more thing about the construction of this site - Odesk is my new best friend.

Please stay tuned!  I'm planning a very exciting membership drive with an awesome prize!


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if you notice anything not working right, email me using the form above. I noticed this morning some of the sites photo upload ability is not working. I'd appreciate your letting me know if anythings not working.