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Be featured here!

by Tammy
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on Friday, 18 July 2014

Let me feature your business here on Fill out this form; its that easy. Make sure your user profile is filled with photos, videos and your contact information.

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Mom Entrepreneurs - How to Embed Tweets in a Wordpress blog

by Tammy
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on Thursday, 26 June 2014

How to embed Tweets on a wordpress site.

Why embed your Twitter timeline to your website?

  1. Fresh content each time you post to Twitter.
  2. Automatic site updates.  No more login headaches to enter a simple update.
  3. Time saver
  4. Keeps visitors coming back to see what's new

I use tweets from Bible Verse Twits to automatically update the website

This is accomplished in 6 easy steps shown and numbered below.  Screen shots have been added for additional clarification.

  • It’s done with a “widget”
  • Login to twitter
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Click on “Widgets”
  • Click on “Create new”
  • If you’re ok with default settings as seen in the preview, then click “Create Widget”
  • Save changes
  • Copy and paste into the html of a wordpress page.

This last image is how the code should appear in your webpress site.

To see what an embedded widget looks like, visit

You'll notice that tweets are posted every 1 hour.  I'm currently going through the Book of Genesis.  I've accomplished this using the scheduling tool and that's post for another day.  

Thank you for reading!  

Any questions feel free to ask.

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Easter Special to Hootsuite Alternative Dashboard

by Tammy
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on Thursday, 17 April 2014

4 YEARS ONLY $174; offer ends May 1, 2014.

Manage an unlimited number of Facebook and Twitter profiles.  Bulk schedule messages to multiple Facebook and Twitter profiles simultaneously, using one of our TWO bulk schedulers.

Bulk schedule from an excel spreadsheet OR Bulk schedule a text file in our quick and easy interval scheduler.

Take advantage of this money saving offer at 

It's simple to join; no credit card required.  Join free and select the Mom Entrepreneur Special; $174 for FOUR years! 

We've got other cool features in this dashboard as well.  Like ability to sort your own and any other twitter users followers by name, location or follower count.

Find common followers of any two twitter users.

Schedule images to post on Twitter.

Schedule recurring messages to Facebook and Twitter.

Historical record of your posts sent through our system.

This bulk scheduling machine is a traffic driving machine!  

Check it out 

Offer ends May 1, 2014.

Save money, get 4 years for only $174! 

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#startup for sale cool twitter tool easy admin #entrepreneur PLS RT

by Tammy
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on Wednesday, 02 April 2014


This cool twitter tool is all set up to make money and has an easy to use admin section.

I will also provide developer contact info. $1000 OBO. I'll also give you one year hosting so it can remain on my server til you get ready to move it.

This article describes the site in great detail.

When a tweet is retweeted, the message is shared with the retweeter's followers promoting said message to much wider circles.  This ripple effect is amplified with each retweet occurrence. amplifies your message
Introducing RETWEETER.US makes it easy to get & give retweets using a credit points system.

It works very simply.

Earn credit points

  • upon joining
  • by following users
  • by performing RTs
  • by referring others

Use credit points

  • on new followers
  • by requesting RTs

When submitting a tweet for possible retweetion (and considering account credits) users:

  • specify minimum number of followers required by a user to perform retweet.
  • specify desired number of retweets

When considering retweeting for credit points, users:

  • Are shown tweets available for retweetion
  • Users select messages they're willing to retweet


Visit another post about


ReTweets - the Ripple Effect

A pebble tossed into water analogy best describes the ripple effects caused when a tweet is retweeted.

[quote from] When a person throws a pebble into a pond, he will see a splash & possibly hear the resounding plunk of the pebble. He might notice concentric circles rippling out from the locus point of where the pebble hit the water. The thrown pebble might also have other effects: it might frighten a nearby duck that leaps out of the water, hit another rock and bounce off, or scare a bunch of fish as it sinks into the pond. The person who throws the rock is connected to the pebble, the water and, by his actions, to the duck and the fish. He has caused change through a single and simple act. In education, this concept is known as the ripple effect.

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mobile app reporting @appfigures love it!

by Tammy
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on Monday, 31 March 2014

I'm really digging these daily emails.

I love the integration of both markets with all the details!

Love it! Think I might like it better than App Annie.... 

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