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A list of tips/tricks/strategies to get traffic to your website.

1. Create a small blog on blogspot and write an article with a link to your site (using keywords as your anchor text for the link).

2. Create a small blog on and write an article with a link to your site.

3. Create a account and write an article with a link to any page on your site you want a backlink for.

4. Write for article directories. Here is a link to a site that gives you tons of article directories you can submit articles to:

5. Here is another site with 50 article directories you can submit articles to with links back to your site:

6. Make a youtube video about your article and put a link to your article in the description. The video can be a simple 30 second video. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just upload it and put your link in the description.

7. Comment on other relevant blogs and leave a link to whatever page you want in the URL/website field. It is best to comment on dofollow blogs, but it’s even good to just get a comment with your link on any blog (even nofollow), especially popular blogs because people may click on your link.

8.Join forums related to your article topics and add to the discussion, then you can sometimes leave a link to relevant articles in your forum posts.

9.If a signature is allowed in any forum, add a link to your site (or whatever page you want) in your forum signature.

10. Give people an incentive to share your blog posts. You can do this by holding contests giveaways. Tell people the more ways they share your articles, the more chances they have to win (twitter, facebook, on their own blog, google+, pinterest, making a youtube video about it with a link to your article, etc).

11. Any videos you upload to youtube, also upload to dailymotion, and vimeo. Make sure you put a link in the description.

12. Compile your articles into email newsletters that people can subscribe to. Monthly newsletters, charge a monthly fee.

13. Create wiki pages with a link to your article or site.

14. You can offer to pay someone to put your link on their site that leads to whatever site/webpage you want.

15. You can buy ad space on other popular blogs that has a link that leads to your article/site.

16. You can ad swap with other bloggers so you get free advertising and a backlink to your article/site and you post up their ad/link on your site.

17. Market your article on twitter and facebook

18. Use hootsuite, tweetadder or networkedblogs to automatically publish each blog post to your facebook page, so everyone who likes your page will be notified when you post a new blog post.

19. Submit your articles to social bookmarking sites like reddit, digg, and stumbleupon.

20. Add a video in your article that talks about a product.

21. Let your blog readers know that they can subscribe to your blog posts by email, so every time you write a new post, they get an email. Feedburner does this.

22. Create a page on your blog or site that has links with good keyword anchor text to your best blog posts or articles.

23. Create a free webinar where you teach something and then have people subscribe to your rss feed, or lead people to a sales page or article that you want more pageviews/unique visitors.

24. Join Myblogguest and offer to write guest posts (with a link back to your article/site).

25. Ask someone else similar to you in your niche if they would be willing to email their subscribers with a link to your article/site and you will do the same for them.

26. Do a guest blog post exchange. Write a guest post for them and they can write a guest post on your blog. Win-Win for both parties.

27. Join other content sharing sites and submit articles with links to your articles.