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Scheduling social media status updates in advance has advantages.

  1. Stay in constant contact with customers - new posts keep you fresh in minds of your customers
  2. Plan out your editorial calendar - load it up on an excel spreadsheet - go and ahead schedule deadlines ahead of time
  3. Keep your best content in front of readers - say you've got 10 articles of immense importance; instead of bombarding readers with 10 links - schedule them for various days & times with shortened links
  4. Bulk scheduling helps maintain flow of traffic. Bulk schedulers are like traffic machines
  5. Bulk advance scheduling allows you to "go away" from Facebook & Twitter for a few days but still maintain an online presence.
  6. Tell a story through bulk scheduling - We're tweeting bible verses one per hour from @BibleVerseTwits

My answer to bulk scheduling is

I created this tool with the Mom Entrepreneur in mind.

Video demo of Azul Social bulk scheduler - click here

Run your own HootSuite Alternative

License a copy of

What it means:

  1. Run a social media management tool (alternative to hootsuite)
  2. Sell the subscriptions, keep the money

How to do it:

  1. Agree to Terms of Service
  2. Select your subdomain name.  For example MaryJane licensed copy will appear at
  3. Select the license length
  4. Let your customers know
  5. Set your subscription prices
  6. Collect the money

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